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Greenwood Becomes Charter Member of Senior Crimestoppers

The Greenwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is proud to announce that we have been certified as a charter member of The Senior Crime Stoppers Program. The Program is Nationally recognized and it's main objective is to provide the safest possible living and working environment for residents, staff, and visitors of senior living/housing communities. The issues of crime prevention, quality of life, reduction of liability, and reduced cost of risk is at the forefront of a zero tolerance to crime format encouraged by the program.

To do our part in stopping potential crime we have educated our employees on the program's existence and purpose by using in-service videos for staff and residents. We have given each of our residents a personal lock box for the safekeeping of their personal property, and sentimental items. We also provide secure lockers for our staff.

Our on-going educational programs focus on keeping our staff and residents alert for anything that looks suspicious or out of place. For example, unfamiliar vehicles in our parking lot. Although Greenwood has never experienced any crime we know that the potential exists and we will do our best to prevent it in the future.

Since the inception of The Senior Crime Stoppers program in 1994, the total number of crime incidents at participating facilities has been reduced by 94%. We can assure The Senior Crime Stopper Program that The Greenwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center will do it's very best to help continue the positive trend!

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