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"Without doubt, the best decision of my life was to place my mother in the loving care of Greenwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Wakefield, MA.
My mother lived independently in her own home until the age of 99. At that time, it became apparent that she nor I could care for her needs. I was desperate to find a setting for her to live out the remainder of her days. I visited many and none met the very high standards I held for my mom. And then I found Greenwood.
On the day I visited to check out their facilities, I was welcomed with opened arms, literally and figuratively. The executive director and director of nursing comforted me with this difficult move and explained to me every detail about the care Mom would receive. The facility was bright, cheerful, and felt like a home. The residents were all alert and engaged in various activities and in conversations with each other. I knew the minute I stepped into Greenwood that this is where my mother was destined to be.
Mom was failing at that time, and they estimated that she would reside there for approximately six to eight weeks, so they would only accept her if I agreed to put her on hospice care, which I did. Well, the nursing staff, the CNAs, and the aides took such wonderful care of Mom that after six months, she graduated out of hospice care! The woman that was supposed to only be there for two months thrived under their care, and she made Greenwood her home for two years! She went home peacefully to God at the age of 101 with the loving staff by her side. And, because it was in 2020, her services had to be delayed for seven months. Seven months later, six members of the Greenwood staff appeared at the church for her funeral. What an honor for my family and friends to have them there!
During the two years of Mom's residency at Greenwood, the staff became part of our family, and I consider them to be so to this day. They will care for and love your loved one with their whole hearts. Look no further, you have found your home at Greenwood."

~ Mark F.


“Greenwood is a house just like our Mom was living in. It has beautiful grounds and really feels like a home. After just 2 weeks, Mom was talking about Greenwood as her home. It’s like one big happy family there, and Mom is so happy at Greenwood, we don’t feel guilty at all.”                                    ~ Nat R.


“We liked Greenwood as soon as we saw it. The staff is very attentive to the residents and the care is exceptional. My Mother feels like it’s her home. I’d recommend Greenwood to anyone.”                      ~ Dan D.

“As a Nurse Manager, what really amazes me is the quality of the medical care my Aunt gets at Greenwood. The staff works together as a team in a multidisciplinary approach to provide top notch nursing, psychiatric, and medical care. My Aunt Jeannie is thriving and laughing and joking again.”     ~ Eileen V.

"I was recently looking at nursing homes in the Wakefield area and saw that Greenwood got the highest 5-star rating from U.S. News and World Report. After I visited I can see why - beautiful grounds, comfortable rooms and a great staff!"

Gina M.

"I used to visit my grandmother at her home every Sunday afternoon. Over time, her short-term memory began to fade and her wellbeing started to decline. I feared we were losing her. But Greenwood saved her. And I mean that seriously. I didn't think my weekly visits with my grandmother would be the same at a nursing home, and they're not; they're better. She has a lightness and joy about her that I've never seen before. Instead of caring for everyone else, she is being cared for. The team at Greenwood is exceptional, and the staff actively works to keep her strong, both mentally and physically. I love seeing her finally take the time for herself, and it's wonderful to see her, at 96 years old, trying new activities, cultivating new friendships, and discovering new hobbies. I like to join in and play games with her and her friends while I'm visiting. I didn't realize she had such a competitive streak!"

~ Cara G.

"I just started working at Greenwood and I have to say that it is truly a happy place. The residents get so much love and attention from the staff. It’s just like one big happy family! Greenwood is a private home and not at all like a typical nursing home. You can tell the minute you walk into the place that the residents are happy and well cared for."

Miranda M.

"I am an EMT and have been to many nursing homes but none as unique as Greenwood! This place is truly a home, complete with beautiful grounds, flower beds and an old fashioned front porch. It is always a pleasure to visit this home throughout the course of my work day!"

Jorge R.

"I have worked at Greenwood for several years now and I love it here! The facility has a true homelike atmosphere and everyone is made to feel welcome. The Greenwood philosophy is to treat our residents like they were family. As a result each of our residents receive highly individualized care and attention. I recommend Greenwood to everyone, it’s an incredibly nice place!"

~ Susana S.

"I have worked as a nurse at Greenwood for over 6 years. I enjoy coming to work every day and consider the staff, and the residents a part of my extended family. The quality of care provided at Greenwood is superb. One gets a happy feeling as you approach the front door and pass by the beautiful flower gardens. Once inside the building, that feeling of happiness continues as you encouter smiling and interactive residents. I am so proud to be part of such a caring team of medical professionals."

~ Donna G.

"I have been employed as the social worker at Greenwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center since April 2013. It has been by far the most positive work environment I have ever encountered, due to the open and caring staff and supervisors. We work here as a team; the nurses and myself seamlessly checking in during the day in order to provide the best care for our residents. I truly enjoy coming into work, as our staff are not only friendly but interact and care for one another like family. The small size of Greenwood enables us to provide our residents and their families with close attention and a home-like environment. In fact during my first visit, I reflected that it resembled a bed and breakfast, such an incredible departure from the usual clinical setting I have been accustomed to! Greenwood is truly our resident's home, and we get to know them and their friends and family extremely well and consequently can anticipate and provide for their needs. Some of our staff have their parents as residents here. I would be completely at ease having family live at Greenwood due to the compassionate and superior care."
Dana B.

"I have worked as a consultant registered dietitian at Greenwood for over 10 years. I have to say that of the many places I have been associated with Greenwood is one of the best! The staff provides highly personalized care to the residents and it shows. The residents are happy and keep busy with many fun and interesting activities. The atmosphere is nothing like a traditional nursing home, it’s more like a private residence with a very homelike feel. I would highly recommend Greenwood to anyone who is looking for a long-term care facility for a friend or loved one."

~Sheila A.

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