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Long-Term Care



Long-term care is when a person requires assistance with his or her physical or emotional needs over an extended period of time. The need might be due to a terminal condition, disability, illness, injury, or the challenges of old age. The need for long-term care may only last for a few weeks or months, or it may go on for years as is customary in a traditional nursing home. 


Greenwood provides the services, supplies, and expertise that your family member needs while he or she is a resident at our home. This help may be required for many of the activities or needs of daily living including: walking, bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, managing pain, preventing unsafe behavior, preventing wandering, assistance with eating, medication management, personal hygiene and grooming, and administering medications. 

Greenwood Nursing Home is a 36-bed, privately owned nursing home in Wakefield, MA. Greenwood Nursing Home offers Wakefield long-term care, Wakefield short-term care, Wakefield respite care, Wakefield skilled nursing care. Greenwood Nursing Home, Greenwood Nursing and Rehab, Wakefield nursing home.

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