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A Day in the Life at Greenwood

While medical care and attention are the cornerstones of a good nursing home or rehabilitation center, a great one requires more. It is important that residents are able to socialize and are entertained throughout the day with various events and activities. Greenwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, located in Wakefield, MA, recognizes the importance of being not only a medical institution, but also a warm and welcoming home.

The average Greenwood resident enjoys a variety of activities every day. Many start their day by participating in the daily exercise every morning. This light workout consists of various stretches and some light weights for the more active residents. Later in the morning, highlights of the newspaper are read aloud and current events are discussed, as well as any other topics the residents wish to address. Morning snack provides a break in the day, and is a time in which residents can relax and socialize with each other in the day-room, on the porch, or elsewhere in the home.

Throughout the day, residents are allowed to stay in their rooms or walk around the property. Many stay in the day-room, where they can participate in various different activities. A keyboard is accessible to those who enjoy music, there is a television and DVD player open to any who wish to watch shows or movies, numerous books and magazines are available to all residents, and there are many other games, puzzles and activities for all to enjoy. In the afternoon, groups of residents often get together to watch a movie or play games such as scrabble and bingo as well as to have their afternoon snack. When the weather is nicer, these activities are sometimes moved from the day-room to the porch, where residents can relax and view the beautiful landscape.

Aside from these numerous daily activities, there are also special events that provide even more entertainment. Musical guests are often brought in to perform or have sing-alongs. In the summers there are cookouts and yard games, and in the winter there is Christmas-light viewing. The more active residents go on foliage outings and trips to the movie theater. Residents are also welcome to suggest new events that they think they would enjoy, and family and friends are encouraged to visit often and to participate in any of the various activities.

At Greenwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, it is important that residents receive more than just medical care. The administration and staff encourage socialization and participation in events and activities. Residents are allowed to decide how they spend their days and are offered many different choices. It is essential that residents are comfortable and that they plenty of different things to do throughout the day. Greenwood strives to be an enjoyable and welcoming environment that residents can call home.

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