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Greenwood Nursing and Rehab is proud to serve the city of Malden. In 1640, the Puritans settled in Malden on land purchased in 1629 from the Native American Pennacook Tribe. Located north of the Mystic River, the area was originally known as "Mistick Side" and was part of Charlestown. Malden was incorporated as a separate town on May 2,1649. The name "Malden" was chosen by Joseph Hills, an early settler and landholder, who emigrated from Maldon, England. Malden was incorporated as a city on March 31, 1882 and originally included what are now the adjacent cities of Melrose (until 1850) and Everett (until 1870).


During the American Revolution, the citizenry of Malden were heavily involved in the early resistance of the oppression of Britain and was the first town to petition the colonial government to withdraw from the British Empire.


At 339 Pleasant St., there is an This elaborate mansard mansion was built in 1866 by Wilbur Fisk Haven, a partner in one of Boston's leading hardware dealerships, A.J. Wilkinson and Co. Situated in the former "Doctor's Row" neighborhood, it became the home of Malden physicians after Mrs. Fisk's death in 1891. It is currently an office building.The building was restored by its former owner, A.J. Martini, Inc., a construction firm noted for its restoration work in the Greater Boston area.


Since 1905, Bell Rock Memorial Park on Wigglesworth St. has commemorated Malden's veterans. This is the location of Malden's first two meeting houses and the rocky outcrop on site serves as an important landmark. In 1658, a church bell was hung from scaffolding on top of the rock and was used to call colonial worshippers. It is from this use that the name Bell Rock derived. The park also includes the bronze sculpture, "The Flag Defenders," created by Bela Pratt to pay tribute to the soldiers and sailors of the Civil War. The monument is comprised of three figures representing the three branches of government at the time: the Navy, Army and Marines. Frederick Law Olmsted, a noted landscape architect, was tasked with the layout of the park. He carefully placed the monument at the highest point while designing the pathways so that each would provide a clear view of the soldiers.      


This historical park also has tablets memorializing Malden veterans of the Revolutionary, Spanish American and First World Wars. Additionally, an arch dedicated to Veterans of World War II has been restored and there are panels honoring some 8,100 residents from across the City who served their country during that War. Bell Rock Memorial Park was named to the National Register of Historic Places in February, 2001.

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