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Greenwood Nursing and Rehab is proud to serve Boxford. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 24.4 square miles, of which 23.6 square miles is land and 0.85 square miles, or 3.46%, is water.


Boxford is divided into Boxford Village (commonly called East Boxford) and West Boxford Village, corresponding to the respective East and West Boxford centers. It is heavily forested and crisscrossed by various streams and brooks, many of which empty into the Ipswich River on Boxford's southern border. A number of ponds dot town as well, among them Stiles Pond, Cedar Pond, Spofford Pond, Lowe Pond, Four Mile Pond and Baldpate Pond. Throughout Boxford there are also a number of scenic hiking trails. The highest natural point in Boxford is Bald Hill, at an elevation of 243 feet. It sits in a corner of the Boxford State Forest, near Interstate 95 and the town's border with Middleton.


Small farms are interspersed throughout Boxford. Stone walls, remnants of old farming land boundaries, meander through the area.

"Witch Hollow Farm" (a.k.a the Tyler-Wood House) was built in 1727 by Capt. John Tyler, the son of Moses Tyler. Moses’ sister-in-law, Rebecca Eames, was tried in the famous 1693 Salem Witch Trials. The farm is found at the intersection of Main Street and Ipswich Road in Boxford. The house gets its name from a hollow that was on the Tyler property in the 1690s where Rebecca Eames claimed, in her trial, that she was bewitched by the Devil. It is a nationally recognized "Haunted House."


The town has a retirement community called Four Mile Village which sits adjacent to Four Mile Pond. The waiting list to get into this community is significant, and prospective applicants must either be former Boxford residents, or primary family members of current Boxford residents.


Boxford's centrally located Stiles Pond is the site for the town beach, where membership can be purchased by Boxford residents only, each season for a nominal fee through the Boxford Athletic Association (BAA).

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